Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Fiber optic Christmas trees have evolved over the years. Back in the day, all fiber optic trees used a rotating color wheel base with a halogen bulb, motor, and fan. Now most fiber optic trees have a LED light source, however, most of these on the market still have limitations. They do not have that old school "shimmering" light effect we used to get with the color wheel. Now we offer a very unique and new LED fiber optic Christmas tree.

Fiber Optic Christmas Trees on Sale

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Instruction Tree Videos

We have a few different videos that will show you all the functionality of your fiber optic Christmas tree. We have two basic styles of fiber optic Christmas trees. We have the fiber optic only tree that uses a LED light source with mini color wheels to offer you a wide variety of color options. Then we have our Combo fiber optic CHristmas trees with LED bulbs added. The Combo trees come with either Multi Color LED bulbs, or White LED bulbs. They also have the color wheel options and an 8 function controller to handle the blinking patterns of the bulbs.

Free Tree Storage Bag

Storage Bag

Each of our fiber optic Christmas trees come with a free storage bag. Easy stow away your LED fiber optic Christmas tree in this sleek storage bag.

Use this free Christmas tree storage bag to keep your fiber optic Christmas tree sale and secure so you can enjoy it year after year.

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